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    自述:My name is Stuart and I come from the United Kingdom. I am pleased to have joined WalaWala’s team of English teachers and to have the opportunity to teach your children. I have many years of experience in working as an ESL teacher but I am also open to “seeing things with different eyes”.  As such, I welcome the chance to learn and develop new skills, which will make a positive impact upon my development as a teacher. I am eager to develop a good understanding with my students and to create a fun learning environment. I believe that the emphasis on small class sizes at WalaWala English School will facilitate this by allowing me to engage more fully with my students.

    中文自述:我是来自英国的Stuart老师,毕业于University of Strathclyde斯特拉斯克莱德大学,在德国多家公立及私立幼儿园、小学从事英语教学9年多,很荣幸能加入哇啦啦哇英语的团队教授您的孩子学习英语。思维导图教学法和TPR教学法是我教学工作的突出领域,作为一位经验丰富的ESL老师,我仍然在不断的学习更好的教学技巧和研究最佳的教学方法,努力为小朋友们营造一个快乐的学习氛围。雷竞技下载链接国际英语强调小班化的教学理念,能让我更全面地了解和帮助我的学生。


    自述:Hello, my name is Chirs and I’m from the USA. I’m graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art. I’m excited to be in China teaching English to your great kids. I hope my classes are as fun as they are educational and that no student is ever bored while learning English here. I have previously taught children in South Korea. Once again, I’m really happy to be working here at WalaWala Shanghai and I look forward to teaching your children lots of English.

    中文自述:我是来自美国的Chris老师,毕业于美国Maryland Institute Collegeof Art马里兰艺术大学,在亚洲的日本、中国等多国,教授儿童英语快3年多了。熟悉儿童教育心理学及儿童自然雷竞技官网下载法教授领域。很高兴在雷竞技下载链接国际英语教授小朋友们学英语,我将给小朋友们带来有趣的英语课堂,让小朋友们在全英语的学习环境中快乐学习!


    自述:Hello Everyone, My name is Tony. I am teaching at WalaWala English School. Teaching English abroad is something that I have wanted to do for years now. The school places such a high value on student learning and the constant improvement of both the teaching and learning environment. The small class sizes allow me to engage with each and every student on a personal level as well as being able to keep a close eye on their individual needs and abilities. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing the students come through the door each week with a little bit more English to speak with me every time.


    自述:Hello, my name is Daniel. I come from England,I’m graduated from University of Plymouth. I have been teaching since I arrived in China. I enjoy listening to music. I am interested in all science. I like living in China because the people are friendly.

    中文自述:大家好,我是Daniel,我来自英国,以教育研究生身份毕业于英国University of St Mar k& St John 圣·K·K·圣约翰大学 大学,主修英语教育和教育心理学。6年世界各地的英语教学经验,让我的教学技能得到了很大的提升,我喜欢音乐,看书,弹吉他。我的兴趣很多,爱科学,还有艺术。我喜欢中国是因为这里的人们很友好,非常高兴加入雷竞技下载链接国际英语大家庭!


    自述:Hello everyone! My name is Corbin and I hail from Washington D.C., USA. I have over 2 years of teaching experience with both young and older students. As I have spent time living and teaching in a different culture, I am not unfamiliar to adapting to a new way of life. Though both living and teaching English in a new environment is challenging, it comes with great rewards. I have gained valuable experience in this job, and I am determined to continue growing as a teacher. I hope to bring about an enjoyable, relaxing, and disciplined classroom. I look forward to teaching your children and hope they will have fun with me here at WalaWala English.


    自述:Hello everyone, I am Matt from United KingdomI have lived in China for more than 2 years already and every single day of staying here was a great adventure. I love Chinese food and appreciate Chinese people's hospitality. In my free time I like to travel and read books. As a teacher, I hope to help young learners achieve their goal of becoming fluent English speakers.
    中文自述:我是Matt老师。来自英国,毕业于英国University of Portsmouth朴次茅斯大学。我的热情都将投入到英语教学中,擅长发音教学及阅读写作的我,在雷竞技下载链接国际英语的这2年时间内,帮助很多学员在英文方面取得了可喜的成绩。空闲时间,我喜欢旅游和看书,希望在我的帮助下,学生们都能流利的说出纯正的英语。


    自述:My name is Andrew and I’m from United States.I enjoy music, reading and meeting new people. I have a passion for experiencing different cultures and I came to China to learn more about my Chinese roots. It’s a privilege to be given the opportunity to live and work in Shanghai! I love working with children and hope to see my students improve their English speaking, writing and reading skills during my time at Wala Wala English School! 
    中文自述:我是Andrew老师, 我来自美国纽约。我喜欢音乐、看书、结识新朋友。对于不同的文化我有积极的热情去体验,并希望来中国学好中文,同时我很荣幸能有机会来到上海雷竞技下载链接国际英语工作和生活!我喜欢和孩子们在一起,希望我在这里工作的这段时间内,能帮助可爱的孩子们提高的口语、书写、还有阅读能力!


    自述:Hi everyone! My name is Jesse and I’m from America.  I look forward  to having an established role as a teacher in the community and to be a fun and energetic role-model for the students. My teaching method induces a relaxing and enjoyable environment so the children can learn and play. My job is just teach, but to expand the worldview and aspirations of each individual student.


    自述:My name is Gordon and I am from Calgary, Canada. I have taught English in Spain and I speak Spanish as well. I love working with children and I have learned other languages myself so I understand the challenges and rewards of coming to Walawala to learn English. I look forward to teaching both academic and practical English to all of my students.


    自述:Hello everyone,my name is Paul Fulmyk .  I have been teaching English for the past ten years to students ranging from preschool to PhD graduates in Canada, Germany, and China.   I believe I bring a balanced approach of re-al, applicable education and fun into the classrooms.Throughout my classes I hope to teach the students correct pronunciation, proper grammar and useful tips on their journey towards mastering the English language.With the Walawala learning program, and my personal teaching expertise, I am sure students will learn to speak English in no time!


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